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Knowledgebase : FAQ - Chain Of Responsibility
You can pay online via credit or visa debit card or over the phone (American Express is not accepted). You can also pay by money order or electronic transfer, however you will have to wait for the money to be cleared into our account before will be ...
This course does not have GST as it is work related training.
Broadband/cable internet is required. 3G wireless, including the ones having USB wireless modems, are not recommended. Dial-up is not suitable, sorry.
The following plugins and software are free. Mozilla Firefox [1], Internet Explorer [2] - our preferred internet browsers. Adobe Flash plugin [3] - required to display the course. Adobe Acrobat Reader [4] - used to view/print your certificate....
Then visit the Contact Us page to speak to us telephonically, we are here to answer any further questions you may have or to get you started.
Speakers are recommended, although headphones would do. But one of them is compulsory as the Presentation has Audio.
Microsoft Internet Explorer [1] and Mozilla Firefox [2] are recommended. If available Firefox is the preferred choice but either of them should have JavaScript enabled and Adobe Flash Plugin [3] installed. Also all Pop-Up Blockers should be turne...
Please contact your accountant.
You can log back in and print or email your certificates any time you need to (provided they are still valid). Please contact us via phone, email, or live chat if you are having any difficulties logging in. Please check your receipt to confirm th...
Absolutely! Our course is divided into sections of learning. Your page will be automatically bookmarked when you exit, this makes it easy to continue where you left off.
Many email programs place these kind of emails in the "junk email" folder so please check there. If you can not find the email please contact support.
Yes absolutely. Australia has different laws in every state so you need to check the requirements to see what is required in the states/territories of Australia that you intend to visit. You can not use your certificates outside Australia.
You have a year from when you pay for the course to complete it.
The good news is that you can continue to take the assessments until you pass, at no additional costs. You will only be able to proceed to the next assessment once the previous one has been passed.
You can pay via credit or visa debit. If these are not possible then we can send you an EFT form, or you can send us a money order (we accept no responsibility for money orders that are lost in the post). In both of these cases it can take 3-5 da...
If you only require a very broad-level introduction to Chain of Responsibility [1] and do not need to understand the details of load restraint, mass and dimension, fatigue and speed then you would benefit from the 'Introduction to Chain of Responsibili...
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If you experience any issues with text or images displaying on your iPad, simply press the 'Replay' button to reload the page. All text and images should now display correctly.
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